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Family Law

It may feel awkward to engage a lawyer about family matters. But there is no need to handle everything yourself. Family law can be complicated.

Collaborative Practice

Our family law attorney, Sarah Pfeiffer, is skilled in voluntary dispute resolution. Her Collaborative Practice training is designed to offer you and your partner the support, advice, and
protection of your own individual lawyers while avoiding court. For more information on Collaborative Practice, please visit the IACP website.


We will handle your difficult time with sensitivity and strength. Your well-being comes first.  The division of property and the care of your children are the most challenging issues in a
divorce. We fight for what is best for you and your family.


This is an exciting and stressful time for everyone involved. The paperwork seems endless, but we will calmly steer you through the state and federal laws.


The details of estate planning are remarkably complex.  We have the experiences to make your preferences legally binding, from health care surrogates to wills and trusts.


Alex Mora is a Qualified Mediator, and will represent you if you want to resolve your family law issue through formal mediation rather than litigation. Put your trust in our caring confidence, and contact us now.