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About Our Law Firm

A New Orleans Law Firm Serving the Southeast.

We give you personal attention

We provide personal attention to meet your legal needs. Ms. Mora has served New Orleans and neighboring areas in southern Louisiana for nearly 20 years. She is an experienced litigator in federal and state court.  Prior to opening her own practice, Ms. Mora worked for a host of non-profits, challenging unfair housing practices and enforcing voter registration laws.  Ms. Mora and her staff will listen compassionately to your legal problems, provide you with practical legal advice, and aggressively defend your rights and pursue your claims. The Mora Law Office has a general civil practice, including commercial law, business law, family law, employment law, compliance, civil rights, personal injury, car accidents, and offshore accidents.

Our Special Counsel, Walter F. Wolf, III, has experience in entertainment law, intellectual property, and commercial law.  Prior to working for the Mora Law Office Mr. Wolf worked for a number of large firms and as in-house counsel for Entergy.  He draws on this experience, along with his pre-law experience in theater and and as a museum curator to give you a balanced and well-rounded perspective on your case. He is available to meet with our film industry and commercial clients to discuss their legal needs.

Our New Orleans-based law firm handles a wide range of cases:

  • Personal Injury:  Car crashes, motorcycle wrecks, truck collisions, offshore accidents…
  • Business Law:  Workplace investigations, Business formation, contracts, commercial litigation…
  • Family Law:  Divorce, child custody, adoption, mediation, wills, probate…
  • Civil Rights:  Wage and Hour, employment discrimination, sexual harassment, civil rights…
  • Intellectual Property:  Entertainment law, work for hire, sports law, trademark and copyright issues . . .
  • Immigration:  Se habla espanol, Nous parlons francais . . .

We resolve cases through mediation or settlement if possible. But our lawyer will go to trial and appeal your case to the state or federal level if necessary.

In lawsuits and personal injury cases, our attorneys in New Orleans can help you recover damages for your injuries.  We will travel from New Orleans to meet with you if necessary.  You should not have to pay for another person’s careless behavior.  If you have been injured, you may be entitled to compensation for a wide range of damages, from medical costs to emotional pain and suffering. There is no way to determine the “true” value of your damages.  This means that insurance companies can offer you less compensation than you deserve.  Alexandra Mora defends her clients’ interests before insurance companies and shows that she is willing to take your claim to court if an appropriate settlement cannot be reached. For more information about how to receive fair compensation and get the help you deserve.  We have successfully litigated a myriad of cases including personal injury, car accidents, offshore accidents, commercial disputes, civil rights cases, and wage disputes.

With our commercial clients, we will flag issues for you, and represent you zealously to protect your business interests.  We have represented a number of local, regional and national, businesses and entrepeneurs including nonprofits, designers, filmmakers, writers, builders, marketers, and a variety of other companies.  Alexandra Mora and Walter Wolf have approximately 40 years experience combined in federal and state court, litigating commercial issues, preparing and reviewing contracts, and providing advice to businesses.  They are both experienced in transactional matters as well as litigation.

Flexible hours and fees

Alexandra E. Mora, APLC provides free initial consultations to interested clients.  Our office is located in the heart of New Orleans, open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays, and by appointment on weekends and evenings.  Alex Mora and her team will sit down with you to work out a suitable legal strategy. Depending on your needs, we can explore streamlining expenses to make our legal services affordable. Call 504-566-0233 and ask Sally about an appointment, or email us at admin@alexmora.com.

Certifications, licenses, and training

  • The Mora Law Office is a certified DBE in the State of Louisiana and the City of New Orleans.
  • Alexandra Mora is licensed to practice law in the states of New York and Louisiana.
  • Alexandra Mora is a trained mediator.